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I am a professor of Astronomy at the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a joint appointment at the Department of Physics .

I started my research in the theoretical physics group led by Professor Vitaly Ginzburg. Soon after my Diploma work, I got a Soros Fellowship to spend one year at Oxford University. Later, I got Isaac Newton Studentship to do my PhD at the Department of Applied Mathematics University of Cambridge. Upon getting my PhD from Cambridge, I stayed for a short period in Austin and Harvard and later had my 3 year postdoc in Princeton. After Princeton, I got a 5 year Fellowship at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA), but spent only one year there, as I got my faculty job at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I live and work in Madison since 1999. I love my work.

I have extensive experience teaching Astronomy courses ranging from undergraduate to graduate level. In particular I taught:

Currently, I am teaching: