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High Prandtl number MHD flows, or "viscous-damped turbulence".

The study of the inertial range in high Prandtl compressible MHD is a challenge, because resistive scale is not at usual L/Rm but at L/Rm1/2. It is important regime which happens in partially ionized ISM. For example, in molecular clouds it could span the range of scales of several orders of magnitude. In order to supplement the results of Cho, Lazarian, Vishniac (2002) for incompressible high Prandtl turbulence with hyperresistivity, we conducted both low-beta and high-beta compressible simulations of such flows. We call it turbulence, even though Re is of the order of 1, because of two reasons. We imitate turbulence at scales larger than our simulation box with stochastic driving. And we know that both magnetic nd kinetic spectra do not drop sharply below Re=1.

We present movies of evolution of the one slice of the cube, one direction being along mean magnetic field. In both cases resolution is 5123, resistivity is numerical and viscosity is important at driving scale. These are MPEG movies of around 3Mb.

Low beta (beta=1/5):

High beta (beta=5):

Normal compressible MHD turbulence.

For comparison we have movies for normal beta=1, Pr=1, 5123 compressible turbulence. Mach number at driving scale is around 1.

High Mach turbulence, small scale dynamo

Here are 2563 datacubes of small initial magnetic field forced turbulence, evolved for some time, in the final state Ma=2.6, Ms=5.5. There are 8 files of 64Mb each, most suitable to read for a calculations on a cluster. We have three types of code to read it:

Datafiles (64Mb each): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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