Fiber-Optic Testing & Characterization

For Astronomical Applications

Overview. This site documents testing done in 2007-2008 on the focal-ratio degrdation (FRD) and throughput properties of astronomincal fibers (multi-mode, fused-silica, step-index) to be used on the SALT High Resolution Spectrograph and for IFUs for the WIYN Bench Spectrograph. In addition to establishing characteristics of specific fibers from CeramOptic and Polymicro, the research decsribed here consists of methodological development and testing the micro-bending theory of fiber FRD. Specifically, we describe the design and optimization oflaboratory measurement aparatus, comparisons of formed-beam injection to a laser-injection measurement process, and analysis of multi-wavelength measurements.

Principal Investigators include Lisa Crause (SAAO), Matthew Bershady (UW-Madison), and David Buckley (SAAO).

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Test Setup-1
Formed-beam injection
Measurements-1 Results-1 Test Setup-2
Laser-beam injection
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Research support comes from SAAO, the National Science Foundation, and a charitable gift from the Fluno Family to UW-Madison Astronomy.

Figures and documents on this and related web pages may not be reproduced or published without permission of the Principal Investigators.

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