REU 2003

Wisconsin's 2003 REU students on their way to a fabulous destination. From left to right, are Front row: Luis Mercado (Indiana University), Dr. Bob Benjamin (Program Director), Thompson LeBlanc (Universidad Metropolitana), Luisa Zambrano (Universidad Metropolitana), Stephanie Bush (Case Western Reserve University), Second row: Kwayera Davis (College of Charleston), AJ Carver (University of W isconsin-Madison), Kelen Tuttle (Carleton College), Sam Leitner (Wesleyan University), Kimb Moody (Univer sity of Arizona), Karl Hendrickson (Truman State University), Quendella Taylor (Northern Arizona University/Penn State), Eric Bellm (Harvard College), Amanda Heffner-Wong (Wichita State University), and Jeremy Harrison (Chicago State University); 2003 Program Director: Robert Benjamin



  • Eric Bellm: Analyzing Models of the Diffuse Soft X-ray Background
  • Stephanie Bush: HI in the Interacting Galaxies NGC 4618/4625
  • A.J. Carver: Searching for Neutrinos from Gamma Ray Bursts using AMANDA
  • Kwayera Davis: Barred Magellanic Spirals in Ursa Major: Global Properties
  • Jeremy Harrison: The Fate of Intergalactic Gas Streams
  • Amanda Heffner-Wong: Cosmic Ray Composition using AMANDA and SPASE
  • Karl Hendrickson: Development of Bolometric Detectors for CMB Studies
  • Thompson Le Blanc: Using Image Subtraction to Search for Eclipsing Binaries
  • Sam Leitner: Magnetohydrodynamic models of Mixing Layers in the ISM
  • Luis Mercado: Detecting Dark Clouds in the Galactic Plane with 2MASS Data
  • Kimb Moody: Muon Vertical Depth-Intensity Distribution at th e South Pole
  • Quendella Taylor: Turbulent Structure in Interstellar Dust Clouds
  • Kelen Tuttle: WHAM Studies of the Spica HII Region
  • Luisa Zambrano: A Search for Eclipsing Binary Stars in the North American and Pelican Nebulae
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