WIYN 0.9m Telescope

The WIYN 0.9m Observatory supports the current and future research and educational needs of its scientists by operating and maintaining the 0.9m facility at its highest standards. The 0.9m Observatory strives to develop opportunities to enable frontier astrophysical research. Having a research grade facility available to graduate and undergraduate students, alike, enables students to connect directly with science.

In 2001 the WIYN Consortium, led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Indiana University, assumed operational responsibility for the historic 0.9-meter (36-inch) telescope at the National Science Foundation's Kitt Peak National Observatory. As part of acquisition, the consortium chose to upgrade the control system, install new motors and encoders in all axes, for a state of the art observing facility.

The name of the telescope (the 0.9-meter) reflects the size of the primary mirror. The 0.9m is a Cassegrain telescope with a focal ratio of 7.5. There are two optical imaging instruments available for use at the 0.9m. S2KB is a single chip with a field of view of 20 arcmin. Mosaic has 8 chips with a field of view of 1 degree. Despite its relatively small aperture, the 0.9m is a popular telescope because of its large field of view.

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