The UW-Madison Astronomy Department is full member of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV, meaning that all department members have access to the data. The department was intimately involved in the survey design, in particular in the instrumental design for the fibers for the MaNGA integral field units. Professor Matt Bershady is the project scientists for SDSS IV.

We are most tightly involved with the MaNGA survey. You can follow progress of the survey on Zach Pace's MaNGA blog.

From the SDSS IV web site: "The latest generation of the SDSS (SDSS-IV, 2014-2020) is extending precision cosmological measurements to a critical early phase of cosmic history (eBOSS), expanding its revolutionary infrared spectroscopic survey of the Galaxy in the northern and southern hemispheres (APOGEE-2), and for the first time using the Sloan spectrographs to make spatially resolved maps of individual galaxies (MaNGA). Two smaller surveys will be executed as subprograms of eBOSS: the Time Domain Spectroscopic Survey (TDSS) will be the first large-scale, systematic spectroscopic survey of variable sources; while the SPectroscopic IDentification of EROSITA Sources (SPIDERS) will provide an unique census of supermassive black-hole and large scale structure growth, targeting X-ray sources from ROSAT, XMM and eROSITA."

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