Computing Resources

The department hosts a number of research computing clusters.

The main workhorse is a 72-node, 576-core cluster with 1.2 TB main memory and a number of attached RAID arrays. The cluster is optimized for tightly coupled problems, such as hydrodynamics and magneto-hydrodynamcs, using Infiniband networking. This cluster is co-hosted and operated by the Theory Group.

In addition, we host a number of smaller clusters, including a 16 node, 50 core cluster coupled by Infiniband interconnects, a 4-unit Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cluster, and several smaller clusters for development, analysis, and visualization.

A 3-D visualization lab is currently being developed by Rich Townsend, for use in exploring multi-dimensional datasets produced by computational simulations (e.g., MHD flow datacubes) and observations (e.g., position-position-velocity datacubes). This lab is available for use by the whole Department.


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