Eric Wilcots

Dean of the College of Letters & Science and Mary C. Jacoby Professor of Astronomy

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Ph: 608-262-2364
Office: 6211 Chamberlin Hall

Research Interests:

My research broadly focuses on understanding the evolution of individual galaxies and galaxy groups primarily through observations at radio wavelengths.  Particular topics include Magellanic-type spirals, the evolution of the gas content of galaxy groups, radio AGN, magnetic fields in and around galaxies, and the evolution of the intergalactic medium in groups.


Eric Wilcots is a full professor in the Department of Astronomy and currently serves as the Associate Dean for Natural and Mathematical Sciences in the College of Letters and Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He obtained his bachelors degree at Princeton University in 1987 and Ph.D from the University of Washington in 1992.  He was a Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Soccoro, NM from 1992-1995, before moving to Wisconsin.   His primary research interests are the evolution of galaxies, particularly their gas content, the evolution of the intergalactic medium in galaxy groups, and the nature of Magellanic-type galaxies.

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