Ka Ho Yuen named Oppenheimer Distinguished Postdoc Fellow

Apr 30, 2022

4th year graduate student Ka Ho Yuen defended his Ph.D. thesis on April 22, 2022. Soon, he will continue his research career at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) as an Oppenheimer Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow. In the Astronomy department, Ka Ho has been working with Prof. Alex Lazarian on the Velocity Gradient Technique and the Velocity Decomposition Algorithm

The LANL Oppenheimer Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship is a presitgious position. The LANL website provides the following description for all their distinguished fellowships:

"Candidates must display extraordinary ability in scientific research, potential to impact Laboratory programs and/or ability to establish new capabilities, and show clear promise of becoming outstanding leaders. These fellowships provide the opportunity to collaborate with LANL scientists and engineers on staff-initiated research. To be considered for one of the Distinguished Fellow appointments, candidates must be nominated and sponsored by a member of the Lab's technical staff."
The fellowship is extremely competitive, with 1-3 awards each year, out of over 200 applicants. After recieving the award, fellows are placed into one of several named slots. The Oppenheimer fellowship has no requirements on nationality. Addtionally, the Oppenheigmer fellowship specifically recognizes "individuals whose research aligns with the Laboratory’s mission." 
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