Research Experience

All candidates are expected to have direct experience in research by the time they take the preliminary examination. Students therefore normally carry out small research projects. Students also will learn how to carry out observations by using telescopes and will participate in the reduction and interpretation of ground-based or satellite observations.

Teacher training is an integral part of our graduate program, and an essential aspect of preparation for the Ph.D. The department is committed to helping students develop their teaching skills, through training programs and mentoring. Ph.D. candidates are normally required to hold a teaching assistantship for between one and three semesters.

The best way to learn about the different research opportunities available in the department is to browse through the "Our Science" section on this web site, which presents the different research areas actively pursued, as well as an overview of our observatories and research facilities. If you want to learn more about a specific area, we encourage you to contact a faculty member or research scientist directly. You can find their contact information in the directory.

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