The Astronomy Department offers a wide set of graduate courses. Most topical courses are taught on a two year cycle. The two core introductory courses, Astronomy 700 and 702, are taught yearly and are required to be taken by all graduate students. Some 500 level courses are open to enrollment by undergraduate students (instructor consent required).

The standard minimum graduate curriculum consists of Astronomy 700 and 702, as well as the topical courses Astronomy 500 (observational astronomy), Astronomy 715 (stellar interiors and evolution), Astronomy 720 (interstellar medium), Astronomy 730 (galaxies), and Astronomy 735 (observational cosmology).

In addition, we offer a set of elective courses (e.g., Astronomy 510, radio astronomy lab). The Physics department also offers a set of courses regularly taken by astronomy grad students, such as Physics 772 (high energy astrophysics) and Physics 625 (applied optics).

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