WiCOR Seminar Series

We are positioning UW-Madison to be at the forefront of this revolution in science, to fulfill the Wisconsin Idea, and to find the answers to some of humanity’s deepest questions. To do this, we are in the planning stages of creating the Wisconsin Center for Origins Research (WiCOR) and we are inviting you to become a part of our effort. WiCOR will bring together scientists from Astronomy, Chemistry, Geoscience, Atmospheric/Oceanic Science and the life sciences, and draws on Statistics and Computer-and-Data Science. WiCOR will allow faculty from all these disciplines to come together and collaborate and share knowledge.

Help us launch WiCOR by cobntributing to our WiCOR seminar series that will bring world leaders in the study of exoplanets and astrobiology to share their scientific spark, to inspire new ideas, and to show off our vision for WiCOR to the rest of the scientific community. Please consider a gift at https://supportuw.org/giveto/WiCOR_lectures. Thank you for your support.

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