Where Are They Now (1980-1989)

Alumni from the UW-Madison Astronomy Department have moved on to positions in research, administration, and beyond. A list of Ph.D. graduates of the Department is provided below.





  • Balcells, Marc C.; Ph.D.: 1989; Advisor: Hoessel; Current Position: Faculty, Institute de Astrof. De Canarias, C/n Via Lactea, S/N, La Laguna, Tenerife 38200 SPAIN
  • Sorrell, Wilfred H.; Ph.D.: 1989; Advisor: Savage; Current Position: Faculty, Univ Missouri-St Louis Dept of Phys and Astron, 8001 Natural Bridge Rd, St. Louis, MO  63121-4499
  • Whitney, Barbara A.; Ph.D.: 1989; Advisor: Code; Current Position: Independent Researcher, Space Science Inst., 3100 Marine St. Suite A353, Boulder, CO  80303-1058
  • Murison, Marc A.; Ph.D.: 1988; Advisor: Code; Current Position: Staff Scientist, US Naval Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ
  • Wood, Douglas O.; Ph.D.: 1988; Advisor: Churchwell; Current Position: Eastman Kodak Co, Scientific Imaging Systems, 4 Science Park, New Haven, CT  06473
  • Danly, Laura; Ph.D.: 1987; Advisor: Savage; Current Position: Univ of Denver, Phys and Astron Dept, 2112 E. Wesley Ave., Denver, CO  80208
  • Nelson, Matthew J.; Ph.D.: 1987; Advisor: Bless; Current Position: Vatican Observatory Group, Steward Observatory, 933 North Cherry Ave., Tucson, AZ  85721-0065
  • Poe, Clint H.; Ph.D.: 1987; Advisor: Cassinelli; Current Position: Faculty, Mission College, 3000 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA  95054-1897
  • Daod, Nazzeha A.; Ph.D.: 1986; Advisor: Mathis
  • Nash, Ana G.; Ph.D.: 1986; Advisor: Churchwell
  • Eker, Zeki; Ph.D.: 1985; Advisor: Doherty
  • Wolfire, Mark G.; Ph.D.: 1985; Advisor: Cassinelli; Current Position: Associate Research Scientist, Dept of Astron, Univ of Maryland
  • Fitzpatrick, Edward L.; Ph.D.: 1984; Advisor: Savage; Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept of Astron and Astrophys, Villanova U.
  • Myers, Roy V.; Ph.D.: 1984; Advisor: Nordsieck
  • Lupie, Olivia L.; Ph.D.: 1983; Advisor: Nordsieck
  • Odegard, Nils P.; Ph.D.: 1983; Advisor: Mathis; Current Position: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Huenemoerder, David P.; Ph.D.: 1982; Advisor: Code; Current Position: Center for Space Research, MIT
  • Oliversen, Nancy A.; Ph.D.: 1982; Advisor: Anderson; Current Position: Supervisory Astronomer, Astronomical Applications Department, US Naval Obs
  • Sitko, Michael L.; Ph.D.: 1980; Advisor: Savage; Current Position: Faculty, Dept of Physics, University of Cincinnati
  • Waldron, Wayne L.; Ph.D.: 1980; Advisor: Cassinelli; Current Position: Emergent Information Tech., Steven Myers and Associates
  • Wallenhorst, Steven G.; Ph.D.: 1980; Advisor: Cassinelli



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