Washburn Observatory

Washburn Observatory, now home to the UW honors program and still in use for undergraduate observing instruction and public open house viewing.

Gov. Washburn

Gov. Cadwallader C. Washburn was the founder of Washburn Observatory.

James Watson

First Director of Washburn Observatory

Elizabeth Schofield

Assistant and “computer” at the Washburn Observatory, 1882-1883

Emma Gattiker

Student and computer (part of the Washburn staff responsible for data reduction)

Alice Lamb

Wisconsin Astronomer (ca. 1885).

Wisconsin Solar Observatory

The Wisconsin Solar Observatory in front of Washburn Observatory

Washburn Observatory (1920s)

Washburn in the 1920s.

Washburn Aerial Photo

Washburn 15 Inch Refractor

The 15 inch refractor at Washburn Observatory still in operaturion during open houses and undergraduate observing instruction.

Edward Holden

Edward Holden with 4.8 inch Respold meridian circle.

Cyrus Woodman

Founder of the Woodman Astronomical Library

First Woodman Astronomical Library

The original Woodman Astronomical Library was Located in Washburn Observatory.

Albert S. Flint

Staff Astronomer at Washburn Observatory

George Comstock

George Comstock was the third director of the Washburn Observatory.

Clock Setting

Joel Stebbins

Joel Stebbins (fourth director of Washburn Observatory) at the eye piece of the 15 inch refractor.


General Astronomy Instruction

The Washburn refractor has long been used in graduate and undergraduate instruction.

Pine Bluff Mirror Blank

Albert Whitford & C. Morse Huffer inspect the mirror blank for the 36 inch Pine Bluff Telescope (1952).

Rocket Instrument

Rocket Payload

Sterling Hall Bombing

Sterling Hall, which at that point housed the Astronomy on its top floors, was bombed in 1970. See Wiki article for more information on this tragic event.

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